The proprietor of Cobblers Cove came to William Edwards on a personal recommendation as the world’s leading providers of specially-commissioned fine bone china.

In February 2017, Cobblers Cove engaged us to create a unique set of tableware for formal dining, room service, casual dining and afternoon tea. Importantly, the brief also included providing a bespoke in-room gifting solution for the hotel’s guests.

The Brand

Cobblers Cove is a family-owned beachside hotel on the platinum west coast of Barbados, offering 40 luxury suites which combine English elegance with Caribbean character.

Guests place the highest value on the hotel’s heritage and traditions, and prize its unique levels of discreet personal service. They can choose to dine in the Camelot Restaurant, on the pool-deck, or even on the beach itself.

Cobblers Cove is renowned for its cool colonial-era buildings nestling amidst luxuriant tropical gardens. So our design process began with gathering images of all the exteriors and interiors of Cobblers Cove, and gaining an understanding of the key colour palettes in the hotel.

William used this inspiration to create several patterns for the client to consider. The hotel proprietor visited Stoke-on-Trent in March 2017 to see our factory, review the shapes we were proposing, and finalise his specifications.

Working closely with the hospitality team at Cobblers Cove, we narrowed our range of concepts down to a delicate green palm and trellis design, inspired by the spectacular gardens around the hotel.

For flatware, our final design was a subtle white-on-white print – tableware which presents the executive chef’s own artistry in the most beautiful setting.

We also provided our client with ideas for an exquisite bone china mug, exclusive to Cobblers Cove, and beautifully presented as a souvenir for the hotel’s guests.

The Execution

William Edwards has a well-deserved reputation for precise and efficient sampling. For Cobblers Cove, turnaround took just three weeks for the principal items, with full range-finders following shortly afterwards.

Production of the Cobblers Cove bespoke collection commenced in late April 2017, and was completed by the end of May. All the tableware was delivered and put into service over a short period in 2017.